LB FASHION STYLE- sesja lookbook

Stylizacja sesji lookbook dla marki LB Fashion Style
Foto: Roża Misztela

3ccd5bca-64ea-11e3-add2-12313d14bd6b-large 4df7d2a4-64ea-11e3-9f6c-12313d14bd6b-large 057c3894-64ea-11e3-ad61-22000a9193db-large 61be1e2e-64ea-11e3-ad61-22000a9193db-large 81fcba9c-64ea-11e3-8188-12313b076ec1-large 2282d9ac-64ea-11e3-8105-12313d14bd6b-large 9785214c-64ea-11e3-8605-12313d2f5560-large cb9210e4-64ea-11e3-882e-22000a9193db-large e2ff3ff0-64e9-11e3-8171-12313d14c88b-large

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