WFS 2012- pokaz Perwoll

Stylizacje pokazu mody Perwoll na Warsaw Fashion Street 2012, zainspirowany stylem Glamour i Marilyn Monroe. 


Sylwia Gliwa

a0a4423e-eba6-11e2-9865-22000a91e9a7-large 623bbda2-e4a7-11e2-9f86-22000a91e9a7-large 8acbf804-e4a7-11e2-ae5d-22000a91e9a7-large e1d912a2-e4f3-11e2-962c-22000aa5129e-large542cc4a2-e4f4-11e2-9f60-22000a91e9a7-large82a271ca-eba6-11e2-97ce-22000aa5129e-large1f1220aa-e4f4-11e2-9724-22000aa5108a-large0e4c4a48-e4f4-11e2-a738-22000aa5108a-large3dbb0248-eba6-11e2-8337-22000aa5129e-large

Foto: AKPA

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